Pastiche Magnifique

by delfinas

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"My brain constantly connects everything to references to things that are important to me: music, anime, video games, all of it. This comes out in my writing and my beat choices heavily and when I set out to make this album I planned on using pastiche as a concept to refine this aspect of my music. This definitely happened but more than anything, Pastiche ended up being a very dense time capsule of the time in which I made it. It starts strong and angry, it gets incredibly depressing and broken, it deals with dysphoria and all sorts of stress, it gets help from other people on a few tracks, and it somehow survives and finds a resolution after everything."



released April 13, 2016

Written and performed by delfinas excluding lyrical and vocal samples as noted and performances by: Reginald Loud on track 2, Catty Donnelly on track 4, Mad Holy on tracks 5 and 8, enby on tracks 8 and 9, Bobby Shields of The Runaway Five on track 10, Modula T. Worm on track 10, and casiodad on track 12
Produced by ALLfiction, except tracks 2, 10, and 13 which were produced by ALLfiction and delfinas, and track 14 which includes production by delfinas and VHSテープリワインダー
Scratching on track 2 by DJ CoreG
Samples on track 10 courtesy of Marc with a C
Engineering for delfinas’ vocals by delfinas, except tracks 1, 2, 8, and 9 which were engineered by delfinas and ALLfiction
Engineering for Mad Holy, enby, and DJCoreG by delfinas and ALLfiction
Engineering for featured artists done by the featured artists respectively
Mixed by ALLfiction and delfinas
Mastered by delfinas
Released through Petal Port Music
Cover art made in homage to ‘All of my Days’ by J A Nicholls
Back cover art made in homage to Genius + Soul = Jazz by Ray Charles
Cover art by Carly Anne, Rayne Klar, Rose M. Honeyboy, Alyssa Dalangin

My two cats, Batman and Mouse, and DJ Salerno for unbridled positivity when I needed it and helping me stay alive for a few months when I was having trouble doing so; Carly for being a phenomenal artist and organizing the art for this project for everyone who worked on it, and of course Rose, Rayne, and Alyssa for their incredible pieces of the album art as well; Jory Andre for being a totally rad dude and playing my music on the radio even when it was really bad; Marc Sirdoreus for letting me sit at his merch table during that one show; J. McClendon for making really good music that got me through panic attacks; Catty Donnelly for being very talented and very nice; Leo for being a total cutie pie that’s really good at listening; Sully for the memes; Sogeking for inspiring me in everything I do; and anyone else who could have possibly helped make this project a real thing. Oh, and Zoë.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Epithet of Devil Child
pastiche magnifique, gotta little bit more than motif,
gotta little bit more than some grief, to release, don’t expect it to be brief
don't expect me to reprieve, bit naive, bitch I be
pastiche of me and the me that I pretend to be
hop up out the costume coffin with a coughin’ fit
anxiety ridden chick addicted to cigarette scent
been smitten with restricted trends with hidden shit like blemishes
return was diminished but I’m devout to replenish it
on my extensive and pensive spittin’ to practice inflection
in an attempt at reflection, wantin’ no less than perfection
after frequent rejections I felt i needed resettin’
but right after resettin oh I just fully regret it
now i'm travellin’ like TransAm just because I Am Trans,
battlin’ w/ grand plans, I am not a fan, Sam I am
Sam I can’t, reprimand it so I retread like three steps,
been stepping thru debris, yelling am I free yet?
am I free yet?
I ditched the fuckin state, but will I ever be free?
still searchin’ for asylum, I been questin’ for ambience
but its reaching for burial, just a fantasy transient
Track Name: New Face of Failure
//verse 1
they say its easy as one -
you either win or you're done
how do you know if you've won,
or flew too close to the sun,
we have too much in a month,
can't make it out of this rut,
they all say keep looking up
only look up when i punch
they say its easy as two,
dont misconstrue what they do,
require refuse to lose,
to be askew is taboo
it seems that winning i blew
but oh what else is new -
my obligation to keep on smiling i have long subdued
they say its easy as three,
but winning is not for free,
nine easy steps for a feee
go-tta go get this degree
can not start going by "she"
must only do just what they please
but nah i'd rather flee,
i failed at that one too, see
easy as one two three
positive thinking please
comments recycling
desire prior me
dont even fire me,
no i retire tired me
u think that shit inspires me?
i choose defeat, so run to me

//verse 2
one two three more times, we keep trying
one two three de-clines, we still biding
one two three more crimes, we still fighting
one two three drawn lines, we keep dying
and they keep outcrying, but theres no replyin
re-apply for supplies, but you get denied again
more than implied, they want you to re-try
pull those bootstraps up, while your hands are tied
prettier n younger, but we're far from better off
we'd be better off lost, living has too high a cost
those high up look down and scoff, they just viewin us as "soft"
- , askin why, they say "because"
because theyre the ones who claim to b runnin this
because theyre the ones who claim to be crushin it
if they think theyre running wont be stopped by us cuttin in?
- they got another thing coming then

//verse 3 (Reginald Loud)
hit the battle scene swingin like im bas rutten
but those skills translate to makin whack music
its bout the path you pick and not how mad you get
so over tracks i play it smart and just act stupid
you swag surfin the wave of whoevers ass you kissed
yall just astro turfin it nigga im grass rooted
i was a bad student always feelin mad useless
now im mixin lean with the finest craft juices
when they seem me round town all these rap dudes just
react like a celiac to food that has gluten
We robbin the game so dont make any fast movements
or get ya ass booted w/ holes u can stash food in
Wish you would talk about all the cash you get
Till I show up n smack you up outta the caste you in
To journalists not supportin my raps you get
No mercy, you better off tryna ask putin
Track Name: ETA: Infinity
day after day after day till i break
can't make it, can't even fake it
no time for escapes, too busy for self care
after much self ware, in need of self repair
supress stress, starting to feel contempt
digress n I get depressed, startin to fear attempts
another year of suspense, careers i cant attend
i hear it again, again i am against it
sheer resentment for those who content with
being defendants of that which inflicts this
sheer resentment for those who consent with
making us remnants of rigorous torments
no rest given, no repreive from mental debt
gotta relax, but there’s boundaries i'd overstep
never offered breaks, but i've taken a myriad
but now i'm just at the end of the line, period

its like i'll never get a chance to, actually advance through
all of these plans due
standin still stuck in a trance, i'll never get a real glance,
of the life that i've pursued
theres not an end in sight for me,
what they preach aint quite the key / my time it is never free
theres no end, don't think i'll ever make amends,
carpe diem every diem? i dont think i can attend

//verse 2
- not working i feel defeated
tryin to find the reason, my goals arent in agreement
my limits as of late? my brain has some grievance
take rest out of the sequence, oh it gives me its credence
tired of feeling trampled in this journey perpetual
long live the king, but the mob is contextual
cant synchronize my watch when the pace was made different
exhausted of this audience, can never do decent
gratified not instantly, and i've lost my vigilance
not enough distance betwixt myself and evidence
my experience is still only viewed ridiculous
one day a quiet life, tell motivation: good riddance
Track Name: The Girl That Time Forgot
//verse 1
day after day after day til i break it
one track really just aint enough to take it
always got something playin front of my face
day after day after day, game don't wait,
can't waste a second, nah, put a word in every space
don't mind the beat, let me vocally overtake
can't shake the need, gotta listen to all these tapes
ne-gate* the urge to sedate, run till i break
on the ground flat, but better not wait
or else i carry that, shit keeps me awake
watch is set fast, but still runnin late
don't have time to chat, wish i could partake
but my schedules packed, there is no debate
sometimes a trap, other times escape
its not quite exact, nor's my mental state
occupied is satisfied, yet i'm still irate

//hook (Catty Donnelly)
Too many ways, to hard to go
Too young to fly, to old to grow
Too hard to see, too many times
I didn't try, too many things
I didn't know, too many ways
I might've lived, I might've loved
Too many walls on every side,
Too many things to understand --
And too many times I've heard the tick-tick of the minute hand

//verse 2
minute and minute- same spelling for a reason
can't find a season with a decent rate of depletion
been lookin at calendars yellin treason, like please
i'm a heathen who plead for less frequent days with completion
- feels like its deleted
precious cuz it's fleetin, time is money thats what they teachin
try to cash in at school, but cant seem to break even
hate burning daylight, blinding me like venation
tick tock on the clock, it goes - off like a glock, it shows
off like jock, i know, i'm better off, i grow,
old but i stop, i know that i forgot, to sow what i had sought, i go
soft ‘cause i've lost, my flow but not my spark, i know, i can unlock, the slow
at any cost, i'll go, with all i got, to show, that i can drop the foe,
think you can top me? no chance, 10 days away, so get going


//bridge (Catty Donnelly)
As the time draws nigh, glooming, a cloud,
A dread beyond, of I know not what, darkens me.
I shall go forth,
I shall traverse The States awhile—but I cannot tell
whither or how long;
Perhaps soon, some day or night while I am singing,
my voice will suddenly cease.

//verse 3
-- this mind won't settle anywhere,
my eyes in the atmosphere, it fills me with fear
hard to get a balance, too much i wanna hear
dig the obscure, into artifacts but no career
i had like 3 more years, but it felt too near
still on this music grind, hope it don’t dissapear
found something i liked, others thought it was the worst,
i had it all figured out, so i dove in headfirst,
my peers just werent diverse so my interest dispersed
so i transferred, to a setting i would prefer,
i would rather endorse what i wanna preserve
and what i've earned aint quite what i'm deserved
more on the verge of feeling submerged, lately
more things perverse per verse, immersed, hate me
everything the light touches i wanna observe,
but i'm lying in these crossroads spitting transverse
Track Name: Versus Verses
verse 1, they've already won, once
they've already got funds, they already in front
they already flunked us, growth stuck, they stunt
settle for a settlement, trouble till we defunct
working class of 2020, on my labor days shit
on my labor days shift, in my labor days, thriftin
tremblin for pennies, caught liftin, friskin
stingy got the plenty, so we lift shit

(Mad Holy)
verse 2 the verbal coup uproots the fools who rule
imbues the revolutionaries with a tune to execute the cruel
tyrants of violence ensure their eternal silence
the cries before the guillotine suggest behead appliance
they kill for capital, we barely make lower cases
face it we radicals just for wanting to make it
the propaganda disbanded oppressors reprimanded
candid we empty handed we take it before its granted

verse 3 the pre-chorus is pre defeat
plan b, the pre-Doris is full retreat
they wearin cleats, but they still the ones who soulless
they spine n boneless, refusin to close the suture
were in the future, cant you tell by the poor and the homeless
terror of young and hopeless, bound by the gist of noblesse
oblige, oh please, what we need is revolutionaries
to bury the hatchet in the heads of those who claim the contrary

verse 4, but too far to reform
or relearn, no profit nor returns
slow burn, brutality's terms first
concerns, suppress em, aggression wont lessen
incite it, or silence, survivals defiance,
divide from providers, who wrongly decided
despite it, they request civil not hostile
like court didnt adjourn long before the trial
Track Name: Eclipse
//verse 1
was caught up in some vines once
tangled n tied up, she was strung up there for months
acting out performance strung up like a puppet was
air expunged from the lungs to feel like she's amongst
thought her part was more important than the sum
but she overstrung n snapped, song's already sung
now theres no refund for what she has done
thought she had soul but this punk's still stumped
too young to get it, but too young to listen
wasnt till summer she realized what she was spittin
she was speaking for others? yeah she just kept trippin
like wait, why is she talkin, this white girl's missin it
who let her talk like she been fixin it?
who let her grab a mic n spit like she been livin it?
finished some spitting when she just should been quittin it
pretend she puttin others first, but makin an eclipse with it

hold up n rewind to the wall with the vines
neatly entwined, n confined, stuck in a bind
couldn't see the signs, or read between the lines
out of some vines, into more, they're redefined
spttin out a quota just hear back an affirmative
actin out what i was sick of most, 2 performative
pointing at all these flaws, but offerin no alternatives
pointing at these flaws, but my own? heaven forbid

//verse 2
once said she was invincible,
problems were all minimal but that was unforgivable
trapped in a tower of privilege, from it indivisible
need to cut it off rapunzel, blinding your visual
but its not that simple, n from the issue she fissured herself
distanced as fuck from it all, flee from debut at all costs
stuck on all that theory but with no damn practice
staring right back like "what the fuck is practice?"
out there actin like her shit was ace like chemical,
like if it aint acclaim, why the fuck are u critical
and if it aint critical, you're shit out of luck
and if it aint political, shut the fuck up
backed up, actually lackin in activism
vacant pages hanging yet the privileges lamented
far cry from criteria, far cry from the bottom
never thought to check herself like maybe ur the fuckin problem
Track Name: Self-Titled
//verse 1
the juxtaposition is definitive, finish it
don't get addicted to dismissin just cuz you're not gettin it,
turn to inquisitive, keep ur questions sensitive
no matter what i'm saying feel like they "nah they aint listenin' "
its sickening, to see to the extent of their conditioning,
bickering, becomes more difficult every visit,
its explicit when i say "they/them" or "she/her"
i was specific on what to say, you didnt rehearse
reimburse me for the stress caused, stress lost,
spent on a lost cause, heaven forbid, you dont forget,
that what you wanna call me matters less than what i call myself
the right define is mine alone, no one else
i am me exclusively, spit that joly grail, --
all i ask is inclusivity, do not derail --
or act abusively, or ask things intrusively,
i define my own existence but it seems to no avail

so listen, can u do somethin for me?
i'm goin by this now, forget the previous me
it matters not what i went by previously
so please, just take this seriously

//verse 2
i feel like every time i meet someone i gotta recite a whole damn twitter bio
so they can treat me the way that i deserve to be treated
and i deserve to treated better than subtweeted
- and yet i'm feelin defeated
i decide who is me, i'm not a replica, i'm self-titled
aint no care for my american tale, i'm no fieval
had some griefs i'm airin em, damn right i'm entitled
up front with my pronouns, why ya need'a recital

He is recently deceased, She is decently received
i care not what you believed, nope not in the least
a prior me of which i am relieved, unleashing a beast
releasing the leash, being me i've achieved
he aint with us anymore, kickin it w/ casio
about it theres no remorse, kick it on the patio
will not let it be ignored, killin it w/ these key strokes
never quite reformed, just hidin it from u folks


harder to be yourself than be anybody else
whichever im trying, i'm suffering with my health
been searchin for some help, no success, lost wealth
shit makes me wanna fold w/ this hand that i was dealt

feel i gotta keep going pretendin like i'm able
feel like rest just ain't up on the table for me
tryna get stable, lately, tangled and fatal, hatin it
tryna be self-titled, but i'm feelin other-labeled
Track Name: なかま『Nakama』
//verse 1 (delfinas)
home is where the homies got yo back
attracted to the track, attackin with flows stacked
impactin the foes' shacks, subtractin the dough's tax
retracting the host that redacted the whole pack
i dont mean to brag but, i'm glad we got mad love
spittin w/ my fam is like my motherfuckin life blood
got our house even more fitting than a nightclub,
we be gettin on about as well as a fight club
we stick together even better than some tight gloves
when we are together better let out all the white doves
when we on the track, hurt em better than a bite does
we take each other's shit more than the mic does
might love em too much, my feelings rabid
its becomin infectious, cant kick the habit
trans raps, hand claps, kill it over boom baps
i hear the sirens, arrested for my cardiac

//verse 2 (enby)
how'd a holiday feel more like a homecoming?
from that grey rainy island to that state where the
snow come in / doesn't matter if we're snowed in
there's no doubt there's no bouts / this whole house
rolls out colder nouns than all'a you old clowns
now i've told thou / back to the circus
roll up / roll up / hold up
what? you really think that you hurt us?
rehearsing verses at Wendy's
while murking burgers this slender nb and friends be
planning standards for trends of 2020
planning on banning all these old grandads and their dead themes
perhaps these facts have left you too taxed
left leaving craters in the floor ya jaw smacked
trans raps, hand claps, kill it over boom baps
sorry that we're too rad / me and my homegirls bout that

//verse 3 (mad holy)
where the fam at, damn that, span back
a couple of homes ago, my homes they got me tho
i'm known to fuck up, prone to tough luck
but they stay holdin it down til my time up
near nine in the track list, they all got my back is
the reason i rep this, so pardon the flexes
but finas and enby, they gotta cause envy
this flatter dont matter but rather its just simply
i'm lucky to have, the crew that i do
i'm lucky to love y'all, the crew that is you
get some wine for that cheese, & toast to the truth
cuz otherwise id be homeless or baskin in casket view
now i wont be ready to die til im notorious
suicidal thoughts but this team too damn glorious
trans raps, hand claps, kill it over boom baps
things done changed now sad saps spit orpheus

//verse 4 (delfinas)
lately stuck on this panic attack rap
panorama of a panromantic cant adapt fast
leading to a relapse, react never relax
parallax collapsin, a fraction of synapse snapped
take another drag, i'm barely left intact
wasnt for this fam, i wouldnt be intact
in fact, yesterday would've be my last
out cast, but man that stress never passed
never look back or i crash, can't ruminate the past
or else i rue the date and then my fingers lose the grasp
somethings dont move on, neither do these friends
we sticking with this shit till the very end
never look back or i lose, my mental state reduced
i'd be defused if it wasnt for this crew
trans raps, hand claps, kill it over boom baps
my heart was breaking from abuse, but it refused
Track Name: inside.outside
//verse 1
lock n load on this cognitive dissonance
i'm breakin into two, i know the conflict is imminent
sedated for a few, so i get em refilled again
mental discontented, wonder when will i feel again
there are two of me, but one's got no body
the physicals shoddy, so get the digital copy
reality a b-side to my proper property
single is insufferable, probably inconsolable
murder on the inside from everybody outside
inside, outside, rep it till it subsides
inside can't reside, can't subsidize
inside's got no body, alone i subdivide
body is a cage but my mind lost the key
my view is sure bleak, my deletion i seek
incomplete, i seek for freedom from me
only when i've held relief, call it birth by sleep

murder on the inside from everybody outside
wanna line the pieces up, but i can never decide
theres a me that i wanna be but another resides
on the outside, and its murdering my insides

//verse 2 (enby)
unsure of what to write / how to let my heart spill
dive through oceans of emotions but these waters sit still and
stagnant / unversed in the words
i can use that won't hurt but'll let me be heard
inside is a plethora of technicolor dreams
but my grayscale filter surface makes me feel like it seems
like i'm cold and apathetic and i know i'm just tactless
but every time i'm left thinking "how could i be so heartless"
it brings out another side of me i know too well
and another story ending where i won't do well
where the other person probably just shrugs, "oh well"
but i've made myself yet another circle of hell
i've lost count of the struggles and dilemmas that i've faced
that my place on the spectrum seems to rub all in my face
all the fears and anxieties that only seem to pick up pace
and i'm running short on breath but i don't wanna lose this race
cus if i do i've got no clue of what might happen
snap at the ones i love and have nobody to fall back on
so before that rage awakens i take a breath deep
and i try to count to 10 but i can't even get to 3

Track Name: What's Best For Everyone (Is Killing Me)
failing to start, i been draggin in undertow
takin steps, makin depressions in the sand as i slow
it pulls me under and now it wont seem to let go,
i can't barely breath, these currents control my flow
sinking into it, my floatation’s been slippin
try to tighten the hold, but theres nothing to grip w/ it
don't wanna quit tryin but i just can't read the script of it
got gripes with this system, but right now no one is listening
needing some help but if i get it i'm selfish
its so hellish to expect it, feels like they sellin it
feel so derivative to express what envelops,
i get controlled by my negatives, then i cant quite develop
just a relic of former body hardly a proper spare
no mercy from my mental strain i'm stuck in disrepair
left threadbare barren terrified of everywhere
anxiety reached the zenith, aint a minute i relished there
so i created some isolation locations
tried to locate myself, only found emulation
superficial sacrifices made my issues fissure
cant reconfigure my behavior, so i keep it inward
been waiting eager ready to rectify my relief,
but i cant find release, i dont know what to believe
all i'm feeling is this grief, my mind is not intact
at best i get a second, but then its all comin back
daily i'm day dreaming lobotomy escapes
give anything to have my autonomy erased
to rephrase: my hill's gone strictly melancholic
not just for the weekend, my sufferings parabolic
its catastrophic, anything can be catalyst
freedom from my mind is a want, but cant fathom it
if i'm living with this presently, i think id rather ditch
lookin for answer but right now? im alone with this
Track Name: Excellence, Equality, Etc.
//verse 1
keep spittin till i mean it; first E on the list
insisted i persist, while i hear the tape hiss
We be the colors of the mad and the wicked
We be bad, we re-brick it, build it up with a twist n
i aint listen to shit, unless i'm plannin to flip it
cant tell if the futures bright i been wearing transitions
cant envision a single sentence without a twitch of penance
ship wrecked, heckled self to stage left w/ no attendance
but I’m a well endowed frowned upon anti cis bitch
i disavow but sing along, get the gist bitch?
i scrape disses from lake michigan's famed christians
aint missin it, fake militants frame misfits
its tradition to prohobit em
can't audition, nah, stick to my exhibit son
kill it with only a snippet, keep a pack of em akin
cuz i'm addicted to lookin good, always smokin em

never sure if its my place to claim this excellence
been avoiding it lately out of some reverence
spitting self deprecating but trying to keep this different
so i'll double up on dulcet tones n crisp drum hits

//verse 2
i tried it once but its death by glamour
get up on stage them its death by stammer
tumble over spittin blunders myself asunder shortly after
only ever lagged like a CRT scanner
now i'm hesitant to confidence perpetual honestly,
hard to see me above thee i promise it, pardon me
garden of eden fleetin when i'm just stuck seething
critique it or be discrete or retreat it, i just repeat it repeating it
try to scribe the thesis frequent but cant quite settle
been meddlin with some topics but they leaving me spectral
best of all, is when i fall short of my own proceedings
i been reading some manifesto but aint been keeping it
hard to lock into the mindset for the lyrical flexs
its distressin for some reason, i attest i detest it
at the bottom floor, i wanna brag em w/ the best of em
i second guess it then never address it, give it a rest kid

//verse 3
double up, double down, face it, sick of trying to fake it, basic
mumblin can't slow me down, i'm going back in till i break it, make it
astounding every single sound, vouch for myself maybe just this once
maybe once a month, enoughs enough, sick n tired of the call n response
call in like soliciting, gimmickry but, riveting mimicry
lyrically clear; sweet as some mellorine
take it from me; oversee like a referee
it can not be that she killin these beats
spitting this heat; got no A C
oh dont u agree? i only hear a yessirr- E E E
been submersed in the back n forth, so now i'm earth bounding
off the ground then, spittin surround sound then
can't stick to one side, style is unrefined
but i'm gettin out of the ingrained, too inclined to remind it
yall miss that last tape? i wish i couldve
prove that i'm not racist with some essay but misunderstood it
how could someone brag after that, i'm unforgiving
been sleeping on myself now that I’m finally killin it
Track Name: Hormonal Liturgy / No Filter
//verse 1
lets pretend i can explain it now
always known how, but never allowed
here's some transparency, not for no parents
trans sam i am, and its now it is apparent the
world aint beautiful, so i am ready to die,
i'll lay down no fight
throw back some meds, play bowie and cry
n by n by, tell me why he'd have 2 die?
i'm jealous i'm guessin, and nah i won't lie
on god's last cigarette so i'm leavin it high
dont need notoriety, got it anxiety
got it entirely, need more variety
scared little sweet thing, can't stop messagin
needin release, reachin estrogen medicine
hesitant residents, sample my skeleton
this is a testament to what i'm wrestlin

//hook (casiodad)
Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman
Maybe he won't find out what I know
You were the last good thing about this part of town

//verse 2
sick as a dog but really i'm more a cat person,
to bad the medicine worsened
lurkin, lookin for remedies fittin me
cant pay in full, cant even check melodies
Or, even surgery, hormonal liturgy
shit gives me lethargy, and none of its free
and what if it isnt for me?
what if my body already is good enough, chief?
there aint a price on femininity
no eligibility needed for me to be me
now that shits 4 free
rock i what got, sorry if u cannot see
hittin infinity, no longer minimal
needin medicinal not prescribed clinical
cyclical typical words from these bitches
but fuck em and tired shit. Yall just been lyin then

//verse 3
- nope, i havent seen him
maybe there is a reason he's offscreen then
or even better a reason he's off screaming
turn eighteen, vaccines, she's the queen then
if you see her now, you wouldnt believe it
able to recieve what relieved, so just leave it
can't achieve shit, sick of it so admitted it
- and if you cant dig that just beat it

comin up like ur holier than thou
as if thats a thing i'd even allow
already vowed against that so get down
I'm the last good thing in this part of town
think youre here so i'm just gonna bounce?
like i'd see you and stop short, like how?
never revert, short skirt, so now your hurtin,
blast ya like bu du du du, di di di di, bu du du du
POW, grew into something new like
WOW, overdue and cant undo right
NOW, never till i'm lyin nether like
POW, good flow, bid it adeiu right NOW

cant connect like a broken transistor
sick of fittin in stickin off kilter
smoked god's last cigarette then bought more
on this track, got cigars, no filter
Track Name: Epitaph of Pastiche Magnifique
joly said go get em so i got em all
coldly killed 13 tracks, its unlucky by default
no one better at crime than i, stand court with the crimson king
jurisdiction is clear, my diction made em extinct
instinct i couldnt help it, i didnt even blink
murderous intent is first nature, i didnt even think
i'm an impatient artist so ready to be finished
i would cap it off but i got unfinished business
scrawling lyrical works cited that i have confided in
here lies Pastiche Magnifique, they have all compiled in
reside in amalgam of momentum simply splintered
too dependant on the references, in my head it’s a spectrum
feel beheaded, besetted, so i second guessed it
dissected what was left and there was nothing to possess it
neurodivergent been hurt, compiled all i need
left it all in one piece you'll never catch up w/ me

rap game bailey jay, we only halfway,
but yall gon end up in ashtrays
ditched the mask, i been on songs of healing
shatter ya glass, bout'a smash the fuckin ceiling
i been spittin pastiche more than just motif
yall needed more debriefing? how bout this time, capisce?
headin for paradise logically, makin a dash
spittin smokin bars i've heard before, call that shit a re-hash
cant handle to let my fantasy stay transient,
i'll banish all nefarious right off the planet
goddammit janet im stuck in consistent transit
build my body like a beat, i been samplin like manic
i've never landed, tired of feelin languid
nothing was ever granted, feelin stranded if we candid
make it clear, you cant misread, this girl is at her peak
backed by all i need, PASTICHE MAGNIFIQUE
Track Name: Truly, Really, Actually Not Sorry
forever, forever ever, forever ever?
no matter the effort, you'll get it out of me never
look alive, sunshine, this one is only beginning
this track just keeps spinnin, keep on loop, its never ending
its never ending, its never bending, it wont break
but you know the beat snaps, its got no brakes
i aint rich, homie, but i'll never stop goin in
its never ending, spittin till i'm ghostin em
i been up late lately like i'm closing, i keep flowin
runnin over, leave em roadkill, rollin
behold, she, a neat freak, with technique
complete with a discrete way to delete
repeat like its never ending, i keep a streak
screenin calls, too busy for yall, quiet i need
reapin what i seek, from a desk seat -
now we complete, say peace, pastiche magnifique
now just between u and me, i peaked at track 13
i gotta follow that up now? you kidding me?
guess i better make killin it a habit,
soon itll be serialized, leadin the brackets
to me its just a racket, i was just sonically copin
i see you peekin at the time, like she can't keep goin
spittin so many bars, i got sick of my own voice
how'd i make a whole album, already sick of my voice?

work on it for next time, make more noise
probably end back up on hormones, n rejoice
keep spittin no matter whose listening
its never ending, keep spittin over these transitions

ambition written but sans destination,
went on tangent in an instant, no patience
found nascency on the last track, but far from the back
so far youll forget that i mentioned that
divert attention converted but still flinchin
coming out, side just feels like a death sentence
been presentin, lately, celebration
dont expect a fuckin powerpoint presentation
no annotations, and not by your persuasion
no illustration, dont question altercations
not a fan of exploitation so just face it
i will offer No Accomodations
expecting dissertation? i won't pretend
i got the patience for demonstration, no offence
act like its burden, you want it watered down but
girl, you need to hear the chorus again

salty with sentiments, sacrifice is impending
come in imminent increments, its never ending
i'm sheddin snake skin like mistakes been made
cuz they been made, but now i'm beddin a babe
god's in her heaven all’s right with the world
coppin digits like business, give it a whirl
doll eyes like a fairy type, but killin lyrics
nocturnal girls made the records, we spittin Guinness
knowing my record, i'mma quit before its finished
vigilance depleting, get bored once i get decent
frequently quittin / infrequently stickin
used to it now, its just part of the sequence
waitin for closure, i been stuck in itinerary
if we reach forever don’t let it be temporary
recently considering on what goes next
answers even more bars, perpetual apex

and i'll never stop, its never ending
verses put em in hearses while strings are ascending
whether or not yall even hear me
i'm truly, really, actually not sorry
stopping short always sounds so tempting but
time with these tracks is time worth spending
whether samples clear, or i'm droppin for free
i'm truly really actually not sorry
tryna keep spittin to shift these paradigms
but claiming all that i'm quick now to decline
i hear in my ear someone askin me to give in
aint sure what i'd say, check the title again
the sun came up with no conclusions but this daughter will
make it better than the first, delfinas rebuilt
flow 2.0, repurposed n transposed
never sick of spittin, vocals dont decompose
its never ending, last track found nascency
i'm sick of living with these fingers pointed actually
get at me, i'm bout to get the fuck up outtie
I'm Truly, Really, Actually Not Sorry