Twinkle Park / Larksburg Split

by Twinkle Park / Larksburg

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Proceeds from the sales of this album will be donated towards Planned Parenthood.

Larksburg is: Brett Hanley - vocals, lyrics, guitars, bass, drum machine.
Recorded, produced, and mixed by Nik Clay at his house in November 2015.

"Thanks for listening and supporting Larksburg! I went back to a 'solo project' for this split, but I still consider Nik, Dylan and Cody a part of the band. Look forward to hearing them in Eye Contact, out soon on Petal Port! (Eye Contact was recorded prior to the split)"

Twinkle Park is: Nik Clay - synths, guitars, chord organ, samples.
Recorded, produced, and mixed by Nik Clay across two homes in 2015-2016.

"This split signifies the last of a lot of Twinkle Park trends, and the beginning of a lot for me as an artist. For one, its the last time I'm going to release a fully instrumental album (my songs are, at least). From here on out I'm going to sing (more accurately: yell) on my Twinkle Park material. This was also a transition between two DAWs, from Reaper to Logic. There was a lot of change and growth over the course of these songs being written and being finished, actually, and I hope that the music reflects that growth."

Album art by Nik Clay

Mastered by Tim Lindsay



released March 5, 2016

Brett and Nik thank: Spencer Jordan, for letting us borrow his bass, Brett's Dad, for driving him and his equipment to Nik's house to record, Nik's stepmom and sister, for putting up with the constant noise from across the hall through 5 albums, Nik's Mom, for teaching him how to use her scanner to scan the album art, Alyssa Dalangin, for listening to these demos and working mixes a thousand times, and Tim Lindsay for mastering literally everything Brett and Nik have ever worked on.



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Track Name: Larksburg - Make it That Way
Thinking about the stakes so high,
I'm standing by the water,
swans are learning to marry one another.
If you open my mouth I'll make it that way,
open my mouth I wanna' make it that way .
Reading like an art book made for pop appeal,
don't have to look into it to get its appeal.
Like a lullaby but less obvious,
I try to comfort.
Track Name: Larksburg - Something, or Rather
I cross my arm over my chest,
trying to find out what I do it best.
Track Name: Larksburg - Those Sheets
I could build a house so far away,
no one would have to listen to a thing I say.
No one would have to put their arm around me,
say that things should be okay.
But why would you,
just look at me.
Throw the sheets over everyone,
throw those sheets over their heads.